My thoughts on…Bethesda at E3

I enjoy Bethesda, they've made some good games...great games even and now they are back once again at E3, to show off what they have in store for gamers all over the world. However, this press conference was a lot... Continue Reading →

My thoughts on…Microsoft at E3

Microsoft, oh Microsoft. It's a love and hate relationship that has been with this company for many years now. After numerous E3 shows where they tried to show off their strenght, it just wasn't enough to gain the traction they... Continue Reading →

My thoughts on…EA conference at E3

"EA IS THE WORST COMPANY EVER!" or that used to be the saying going around. Even when E3 was happening everybody would roll their eyes and scoff at the company, which used to deliver many interesting games in ye ol'... Continue Reading →

E3 Week has arrived!

So from now on Monday 19th and until Sunday 25th of June. Each day will feature a single post going into detail with my thoughts on the different conferences that played out last week. Yes, I'm talking EA, Microsoft, Bethesda,... Continue Reading →

My thoughts on…Sony show at E3

Once again the second of three titans returned to the stage of E3, every past E3 Sony had put on amazing show for the audience to enjoy with live orchestral music, as well as using actors like we were in... Continue Reading →

My thoughts on…Ubisoft at E3

Ubisoft has had it rough, so they really needed a win this year...Surprisingly that's what happened, when they came rolling up to the stage with their big guns and showed off some games that were quite interesting. While many people... Continue Reading →

Wonder Woman (2017) Review – The Hero We Need But Don’t Deserve

Wonder Woman, a journey of Diana coming to war. This reviews delves into what I think of it, both good and bad.

Things are looking good towards the horizon!

Hello there, how are things going for you guys? Time has been nonexisting for me, ever since I started taking classes again I've had almost no energy at all to write, game or even watch any movies at all. This... Continue Reading →

Blizzard Entertainment announces an end to the support on older Windows systems!

On February the 18th, Community manager Ornyx on the World of Warcraft forums came out with a small post/update that Blizzard Entertainment will be ending the support for Windows XP and Vista later this year. The post goes as follows;... Continue Reading →

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