Cozy Talk – A Late October Update

Hi there, as I have now been happily writing what I could do for the blog this month gave a spike that surprised me enough, in which I almost fell out of my chair, spilling coffee everywhere in my apartment.... Continue Reading →


The Snowman Review: More of a Meltdown!

This movie caught my interest, since firstly it would be set in Norway, secondly a bunch of great actors would be playing characters based on the story by Norwegian writer Jo Nesbø and thirdly, that by the looks of the... Continue Reading →

Big Mouth Review: Relatable with Dark Humor

This series came as a surprise when I saw it arrive on Netflix, at first and I will be honest with you here, the art didn’t really catch my interest. However, after reading the summary and watching episode 1-4 with... Continue Reading →

Gaming Gripes – Characters Doing Stupid Things in Cutscenes!

We all know that feeling when you are sitting there, enjoying a good tale in a video game, when suddenly one of the characters begin to take action in a way you never would have done yourself in such a... Continue Reading →

Jessica Jones Season 2 Confirmed Coming 2018!

On 2 October 2017 at 9:37 CEST, Krysten Ritten, the actress playing Jessica Jones in the Netflix series of the same, has on her Twitter account confirmed that a second season for Jessica Jones will be coming in 2018.  ... Continue Reading →

Question of the Month – October 2017 Edition

For this Question of the Month, I will be looking at mercenaries in video games. Join in and see my choice of a mercernary you should hire if necessary!

Cozy Talk – New Content on the Website?!

For the last couple of days, I have been running around with the idea of making something for this website, that not only could be engaging to read but also to interactive with your own ideas and perpectives on a... Continue Reading →

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.1 Is Exciting!

Have you heard the rumors? A new patch for Final Fantasy XIV is coming and it is quite exciting news. Here's why exactly!

Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light Review

First titled when it came out as "Daddy of Light", brought communities, blogs, videos, news sites together with many jokes on the name for what was a new Netflix series that came out Summer 2017. While the controversy of the... Continue Reading →

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