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Nintendo’s new system is a Switch?

So Nintendo finally revealed what their new system is going to be and the NX is a Switch?

Well this was a little surprising but not something we couldn’t imagine being impossible. The Switch looks in the trailer to be a mixture between console and mobile, everything about it is made to played on the fly without missing too much of a beat from the individual games you might be playing. It seems to be incorporating cartridges that the DS’ use, which can let us believe that we might be able to play previous DS games with a better frame rendering but that is just speculations.

Now what we do get to see is that the Switch can play both Skyrim and what seems to be NBA 2K16, so it’s good to guess that the Switch will be able to play more modern games seen on other consoles as well.

The device itself looks… not that interesting, yet it has a lure to it with how you use it. It’s controllers or Joy-Con as they are named, have the ability to slide on and off the console’s small screen as well as the controller more in line with the design of a Wii Pro. Though it is possible to buy a Switch Pro should you want a better playing experience.

Nintendo have for the Switch made a deal with Nvidia to produce the necessary hardware for it, yet the rumor has it, that it will be built with the Tegra core and Nvidia CPU’s at the same technology as the late GTX 980. This will make it interesting as to what games will be made to be played on this.


Speaking of games being made for the Switch, Nintendo has partnered themselves for the Switch with many big game developers, a few of them are 505 Games, Activision, ATLUS, BANDAI NAMCO, CAPCOM, Bethesda, EA, FromSoftware, Konami, PlatinumGames, Square Enix and many more. All of them are listed on the Nintendo’s website [link].

So overall I believe Nintendo is going down the right path with this hybrid system and as of now there aren’t that much information regarding everything about the Switch itself, but I’m positive to see what games will be developed for this as well as how hardware will live up to people’s expectations after the reveal.


Tell me what you thought of the system itself, is it good or bad. Does Nintendo have what it takes to catch lightning in a bottle three times in a row? Let me know down in the comments, I’m interested in your perspectives.

Stay cozy and have a nice day!

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