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My thoughts on…Ubisoft at E3

Ubisoft has had it rough, so they really needed a win this year…Surprisingly that’s what happened, when they came rolling up to the stage with their big guns and showed off some games that were quite interesting.

While many people on the internet have been fawning over either the first part or the last part of Ubisoft’s press conference, to be the absolute best. It was more the show at a whole, which just gave a big smile on my face and that the company has reset a good amount of faithfulness, in that the rest of this year of 2017 and all the way into 2018, might be a very good year for both them as well as us gamers.

However, before moving on to what games they presented to everybody in the world at the press conference. I want to point out that these are my opinions and may just have a different perspective than yours.


Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Though many leaks had come out prior to the show it was a bigger suprise when Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, came onto the stage and began talking about the joy of working on a game that now have gotten the upportunity, to join forces with none other than Nintendo’s gigantic icon…Mario.

Not only that, but while the game will be an exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. The main man himself, Shigeru Miyamoto-san came onto the stage to a standing ovation by the audience. With a strange Mega-Man like gun in his hand and big smile too, Miyamoto-san gave another gun to Yves Guillemot as they posed, before talking more about the game.


The game looks to be a crossover title going by the name of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. From what the trailer shows, it will be a tactical role-playing game…or to be more precise, a turn-based tactics game. Using mechanics known from beloved franchise Xcom series. You can use cover, destroy that cover, use combos for moving or attacking with gun like weapons and even do some exploration around the Mushroom Kingdom.

It is said that the game will feature several types of enemies, this including a boss like enemy and a boss as well. Now the movement is shown that Mario and the companions (the Rabbids or characters from the Mario franchise) are following a new character, though a name has not been revealed.

What is interesting is that this will be the first turn-based strategy game for the Mario franchise to be on the Nintendo Switch. Which to me makes this a strong contender for people to have most fun with playing on a Switch…or to just get a Switch in the first place.

While I still may be a little irritated to see the same plumber in the same world, trying to save the day again. It’s a refreshing look to see that Ubisoft’s equivalent to Dreamwork’s minions, Rabbids will be giving some good stupid humor to a mix up game.
Even loved that during the press conference, both Guillemot and Miyamoto-san talked about the developer of the game, to which the camera showed us him, happy and tears of joy dripping down the face.

A happy man that has made a dream come true.

So since I love strategy games…like a little too much. I will be keeping my eyes out for this game and might consider a Switch deal to play this game. ‘Else I might nag it from a friend or something. Still the came comes out on August 19, 2017 and in Japan 2018.


Assassin’s Creed Origins

While Ubisoft didn’t announce anything specific that would have revealed more, about the main character and his story when Assassin’s Creed Origins was the next to be shown on the stage. Instead it went with a new trailer that provided glimpses of the game’s world in which we would explore.

It showed a lot of the animal life that exist in its world as well as the people you would encounter on your journey. Since Assassin’s Creed Origins is set in Egypt, the surrounding ecosystem, this including the river Nile, will significantly affect gameplay in ways you want to approach targets and objectives.
Lions and other creatures can be released from their cages to wreak havoc in the area in which a outpost may lay. Not only that, but you can ride camels, horses, boats and chariots to get around the world.

As I said in my EA post, I love the Assassin’s Creed franchise and will be getting this when it comes out. Although I’m still very sceptical to the full on RPG elements, sort of removing the ability to assassinate a target regardless of the opponent (except for a boss). However, it might prove to be a good experience, since you would have to craft everything in order to get better, this goes to the hidden blade as well.


The Crew 2

During the conference a new trailer for the sequel to 2014’s “The Crew”. It showed the game’s gigantic open world and a bunch of vehicles. From vehicles that drives on land, cars and monster trucks and much more, to speedboats on water, to light airplanes in the sky.
While not much or any sort of gameplay was given, it was still a joy to see that The Crew is getting a sequel and it may have a better launch success than on its first release.

I only got to try The Crew once and it didn’t do so well for me, even though I enjoy car games and when we’re talking about the potential lying in an Massive Multiplayer Open World Racing Game…or MMOWRG?…there can be a huge joy of playing with other people, just cruising around the world of America.
However, I will wait for reviews to see if this is worth getting on lauch day or if it’s better to wait for a sale.



South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Next up was a new trailer for the anticipated, funny sequel to South Park: The Stick Of Truth, which is South Park: The Fractured But Whole. The trailer itself was very lighthearted, though I know when the game comes out, it will do everything in its might to be a perfect, really long episode of South Park. Where it made fun of the X-Men movies and some more.
Nevertheless, the best news to come out from this, was that after so many delays, the game finally got a release date which is on October 17.

I personally loved South Park: The Stick Of Truth, the way it made fun of every fantasy trope we all have grown up with, mostly with The Lord of The Rings. So I want to get this game when it comes out, since it will make fun of every superhero trope that has come out in recent years through television series and movies. Plus it’s South Park and they are hilarious to watch in the many years I’ve known them.


Skull & Bones

One of the biggest surprises to come out of Ubisoft’s press conference was, like Microsoft’s game from Rare (Rareware) “Sea of Thieves”, a new pirate-themed game based on the much enjoyed naval warfare mechanic from Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. In which you sail a ship with a crew from a more 3rd person perspective and battle other ships while sailing the Caribbean seas.
Now this game takes that ascpect and have made a full game with both a singleplayer campaign, and 5v5 multiplayer battles where you try to fend for yourself or team up with others.

I honestly did not see this coming and had only heard rumors for this around Twitter. So when it came onto the stage, I was suprised but happy to see that the thing people love most from Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, has gotten a full game for itself. Will it succeed or fail…nobody knows, but one thing is sure. The feeling of a free adventure on sea with a crew that sings songs as you sink ships, is going to be just a great experience to try out. To this I can say, I will definitely be keeping my out on this game for when it comes out.


Far Cry 5

Not much was shown, but what seemed to be a very scripted gameplay trailer from Ubisoft’s next game in the Far Cry series, the upcoming game Far Cry 5. You can in this game use companions to help you out on missions, though it wasn’t transparent if you could have more than one with you.
The story got revealed to be as the previous trailers revealed. A fanatic cult of Christian-ish people has taken over a town where you as a deputy sheriff, comes in to solve the crisis and help the townsfolk become a free people from its oppression. Also you can have a canine companion, which is nice.

It’s not that I don’t like Far Cry series. My favorite game from it, is still Far Cry 2 with its African setting. So the fact we for the first time is going to be in America, will be an interesting aspect that hasn’t been seen before in the franchise. However, I’m vary to believe the story will be much different than Far Cry 3 or Far Cry 4’s way to tell a story, and hope it will take some inspiration to use elements from Far Cry 2.
I will be seeing the reviews before deciding to get the game or pass it up on release date.



Steep didn’t take the world’s breath away, it looked good and seemed to play out well with its controls, but it may have been popular enough as it had continued to get new updates and this time around it gets something bigger. The next big thing coming to the game, is an expansion with an Olympic-themed add-on where you can do sports from the Olympic. It will come out later this year according to the trailer.

I never played this, nor did I have the interest for it. Though I will admit it looked good graphic-wise. The only thing I can hope is that it will get taken in with open arms and enjoyed fully by the fans. Me on the other hand will gladly leave it out of my lane and move on to something else.


Starlink: Battle For Atlas

To say this basically, nobody and I mean nobody, saw this one new IP from Ubisoft coming. A new game to be called Starlink: Battle For Atlas is in a way Ubisoft’s first step into the ever evolving toys-to-life market, that we know from LEGO, Skylanders and in a way Amiibo’s. It seems to have a sci-fi setting, where the spaceship you can build will be battling each other, using real-world toys that you can attach to your controller. This to me is pretty cool and reminds me of the old arcade machines, where the controller was simply a toy that you used to play the game (favorite was Time Crisis).

There’s something about this that does seem like a cool idea, but I remain sceptical as even with the LEGO portal toy as well as Skylanders figurines is not a thing I will be spending my money on. Because in the end it will be so expensive for all the little things you need to get, in order to advance in some areas. However, it might be different where you can go through the whole game with only one ship that comes with the game.
For collectors, I can see this game be a Utopia to collect more figure products that they can show off, but me on the other hand will probably just see it on streams to maybe get the game…if ever.


Just Dance 2018

We can’t have a Ubisoft press conference without the ever so corny part where a bunch of dancers get on stage, with probably a singer or band to show off the newest Just Dance game. Which is exactly what we got, a bunch of dancer plus a singer showing off the newest Just Dance game, that will go by the name of Just Dance 2018. It is just a steamroller, so it was no surprise to see it be revealed at the show.
The game was said to be launched in October for all the usual platforms with new popular songs from 2017 and a little back.

I’m not going to lie here, but I have always enjoyed singing and dancing. So while the game itself isn’t much to shout huzzah for, it will still be a fun game to play with friends and family. Not more to add here that I probably will play this game once it has sunken in price some time after launch.



Lord of the Rings actor Elijah Wood’s film studio SpectreVision, has teamed up with Ubisoft and in a weird psychadelic trailer, that had an atmosphere of going back to the way old 1980’s multicolored commercials. It was revealed to be a creepy-looking VR game called Transference. What the story is about is hard to guess, but it seems to be a horror game, with emphasis on the psychological aspect.
It is coming to VR platforms and traditinal consoles (Xbox, Playstation and maybe, just maybe the Switch.) in Spring 2018.

This surprised me a little, as I did not see this game coming but it have me intrigued to what it might withhold in its story, gameplay, characters to know and mechanics. I will keep an eye out for more news about it as it comes closer to release and then see what reviews will say before making a decision to buy it myself.


Beyond Good & Evil 2

The last IP that got shown at the show was something people in the audience, internet and myself had not expect, but was so happy…even got a roar of happiness as the cinematic trailer got revealed.
The sequel that has been 18 years in development finally was confirmed to come out. Namely the game to be known as Beyond Good & Evil 2, the much anticipated follow-up to 2003’s Beyond Good & Evil. The story will take place way before the birth of originl game’s main character Jade and it will have a very diverse cast of characters as well as worlds.

The cinematic was so fantastic to look at, that for a moment I thought it should have been a movie in on its own with so much eye to detail that had been shown. Characters were so lively, plus all down to sweat drops, saliva and of course if you noticed, some jiggle to the Chinese female person. Even though it was not as long a trailer, it made me happy to see that the game had not been cancelled. As I loved the original game back when I played it at a friend’s house from start to finish, through an entire weekend with little to no sleep. The world, the atmosphere, the music, the action, the characters…man it was good.
So even if no release that was announced, this is one game I will be waiting to see more news from the developers. Here’s hoping this game will live up to the rising hype surround it.


Overall thoughts

As I wrote in the beginning of this blog post, Ubisoft needed to come out strong this year and it really did. They went out with big guns in the start, showed off different game that turned the excitement down a litttle and then in the end, they just walked out with a bang of a game reveal.

Many people talked about what was the best part of Ubisoft’s press conference on this year’s E3. For this I must say it was the beginning that made the strongest impression while the show as a whole did not do better than the previous conferences. Mostly because Ubisoft handled it more like a press release with a build up hype, plus a huge cameo from Miyamoto-san himself and man should he be on more stages in the future.

It did have its ups and downs but it did remind me a lot of the “Hollywood Model” (in Danish known as Berettermodellen), with the way the whole show was set up and executed.
Overall I enjoyed the show a lot and there were some good games revealed that I definitely would keep my eye on, like, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Skull and Bones, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Beyond Good & Evil 2 and Transference are on my watch list and a few of them on my must buy list.


However I’m interested in hearing your opinion about the press conference from Ubisoft this year. Was it as good as the majority of the internet proclaims or was it more of a dissappointment, if so in what way?
I look forward to see your point of views and what your unfiltered meanings will give for conversations, so leave them down in the comments below.

Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

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