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“Who’s the Most Memorable NPC in Video Game History?”

For the first time ever, I’m proud to try out Question of the Month hosted by Kim over at Later Levels. This time around for September we are looking at one question to be asked and answered…Who is the most memorable NPC in video game history?

While the question might be simple, the answer however is not.

My mind kept wandering from famous villains, to characters whom I loved, to the people that would make my blood boil just by the mention of their name.

Although whenever I looked upon the collection of games which have been accumulated over the many years of my life in the gaming industry. One character always came into light as the first one, over and over again whenever I look back upon the video game history.

So yes, while it could have been Dogmeat or Harold from Fallout, the notorious Fan from Oblivion, Maik from the Elder Scrolls series in general, CL4P-TP, Navi or who can forget Issun from Okami.

No, the one I keep thinking about is none other than this person:


Our dear aristocrat himself, Mr. Moneybags from the Spyro games since occuring in Spyro 2. Which now leads me to tell you why I have chosen this NPC in 100 words or less…

“As I have finally done what I could in this area, a doorway was up ahead, seemingly blocking my path to continue my journey with Sparx at my side. Though as I reached it, something was blocking my access and it was then I heard the familiar sound of a rustling sack with many gems inside…waiting to be filled with more. For a small fee Moneybags would let me through and as I paid begrudgingly, he with a smile says that the password is “gullible”. I love him, I hate him, nevertheless I still have to pay him.”

Remember to check out on Friday 1st of September at Later Levels blog for when the official post will be uploaded, as well as the many other talented writers who contributed to this Question of the Month.

However, do tell me down in the comments if you agree with my choice or if there were some other NPC, of whom you either loved, hated or simply can’t forget because of nostalgia. Thank you guys so much for reading this.

Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

7 comments on ““Who’s the Most Memorable NPC in Video Game History?”

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  4. Når det kommer til spyro er den npc det står klarest i mit sind hunter the cheetah der aldrig kan finde sine løbesko 🙂

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    • Many can be brought forth there, but I too remember Cheetah and the rest of the cast. Really makes me wish that a remake should happen soon 🙂


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