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Question of the Month – October 2017 Edition

For this Question of the Month, I will be looking at mercenaries in video games. Join in and see my choice of a mercernary you should hire if necessary!

“Hell…it’s about time”.

Once again into the frey I jump, as it is time for another Question of the Month, which if you did not know. Is an event being hosted by the amazing Kim over at Later Levels. The way it goes, is like this; a question is asked that serves as the subject for the month. From here on, a bunch of great bloggers then submits their answers. These answers then goes into a poll that everyone can vote on, after some time a winner is chosen given the results.

This time around, it’s my second time to try out this event and the theme of this Question of the Month is:

“If You Needed a Mercenary, Which Video Game Character Would You Hire?”

When it comes to mercenary characters in video games, there are many to choose from but they mostly either are some sort of hero, or in other cases, blend very much together with being a bounty hunter so it’s a little hard to pick one just like that. Yet, if the intro wasn’t obvious, I’ll be taking my choice of character to be none other than the man who’s sentences are still remembered to this day: Tychus Findlay from StarCraft!

A friend, partner-in-crime, 100% badass


So here’s the deal, in 100 words or less I will have to convince you that this guy is the one you should hire, if you ever needed a mercenary at hand…be adviced that it probably will be costly for you.


“Tychus Findlay is something else really, his past is a mystery on its own, yet stories about him are something right out of a fictional book. He can be merciless, gunning down zergs, bandits and what else you pay him to do. Some say he even would sell his own mother for the right sum. However, if you listen closely, other stories portray him as a loyal soldier, risking his life for his fellow marines. Whatever is the truth, know that he will always have your back for the right price, smoking that cigar and drinking an ice cold beer.”

With that went a hundred words by in a flash, hopefully it can give you an insight into what kind of man Tychus is, but if not… Then here are a few more of his quotes from the game, just to show you his awesomeness is not to be fooled around with:

  • I made a deal with the devil Jimmy. She dies… I go free.
  • I know all about ’em. Put a bullet in ’em, they die.
  • Boys, I hate to interrupt, but, uh… the natives are getting restless.


To top it off, I leave you with this classic scene of Tychus saying his most memorable line in the entire StarCraft series, it still brings a smile on me whenever I hear him introduce himself:


Remember to check out Later Levels post which will be published at 06:00 BST (British Summer Time – 07:00 CEST) on Friday, 06 October 2017.

However, if you needed a mercenary at hand, who would you choose and why? Tell me down in the comments.

Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

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