Question of the Month – December 2017 Edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and while I’m quite late for this, I still wanted to participate in the last Question of the Month for this year. So, as you may know…Question of the Month is a monthly event hosted by none other than the lovely Kim from Later Levels. Usually this is the way it goes; an amount of bloggers sort of compete with each of their own answers. These answers can then be found collected on the main blog page, with a poll for which you dear reader then can vote on which you believe is the best one. After some time – usually at the end of the month – a winner is chosen based on the results.

This time around, it’s not only a late entry but also my third attempt in trying this. Previous one’s was in September and October. Now, the subject for this Question of the Month is:

“Which Video Game Character Would Be a Better Santa?”

Pointing out who could be the better Santa, would cause too much chaos and destruction in its wake that even companies might try and take over. So, while we think about it, in the end I would have to travel to a dystopian future, more specifically a nation called Cascadia. Since the challenge itself isn’t limited to a specific time or place, it makes it more interesting when my choice for this category is none other than our beloved Faith from Mirror’s Edge.

Mirror's Edge™ Catalyst_20171007232508


Which is why I now have to convince you in 100 words or less why exactly Faith can do a better job at being Santa than…well Santa. Though you must be warned that we are in a different time period, so the way we think may be different since it is a Conglomerate world we’re talking about.


“Sweeping across the rooftops, in between buildings both in the top class as well as lower. Nothing would stop our nimble Fait from delivering children presents at a speedy haste, provided they’re not a tiny bit heavy. Nope, not low-hanging pipes, steam vents, nor vast gaps would stand in Faiths’ way. Plus, let’s not forget her loyal band of runners, almost as fast but with a lesser touch, who’ll no doubt help her out with her mission. Careful though, because while the clock is ticking, and bells are ringing. On a frosty winter night, every child will receive a gift.”


There you have it, a hundred words later I do hope a convincing argument has been made to change your mind. However, you can find the rest of the great bloggers participating over at the main page where it all happens. Don’t forget to vote on which you find could be the better Santa than Santa himself and spread the word to your friends on all social media…you might never know who could win this wonderful time of the year. Yet, I also want to hear what you thought of this choice, write it down in the comments and let us talk.

Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

8 comments on “Question of the Month – December 2017 Edition

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  2. This actually a very good choice tbh. I actually never thought of her. My choice would rather be a character from Speedrunners or The main character in any Assassin’s Creed game. While thinking about it, the main character of Dishobored would be a good choice as well!

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  3. LightningEllen

    Faith would rock at the Santa thing! Good choice 🙂

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