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Mobius Final Fantasy – Final Fantasy Epic Adventure, Now with Cards!

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For some, a true Final Fantasy game on a mobile platform would be perfect, and with Final Fantasy XV’s newest way of being played. Well those some might be ever joyful, but that is not what we’re here to talk about today. No, today we look at a different mobile platform game that also is a Final Fantasy game, which people had to play as one of the fewer options.

However, while at the time as we look at when the game was just coming out and a few months from there. It has today become a game you also can find on Steam for little more than being free as on iOS and Android. There are some things that this game does which in my opinion is quite intriguing to watch.
For one it’s not just a Final Fantasy, but more a game that mixes the well known Final Fantasy formula with appears to be a card battle system. Now, for some this must mean that the game will be a bore but, in all honesty, this game does this rather greatly.

It looks good and plays well!

Mobius lets you take control of the classic amnesiac hero in a strange world. From here you wander along a path, continue to hack up enemies, gaining new skill and becomes tougher as the you tread onward on the journey. However, unlike other Final Fantasy games or even just like Brave Exvius, you don’t get to explore every nook and cranny, it’s just fighting monsters. Lots and lots of monsters (although very nostalgic). There is a big focus on elements and how they are arranged in a rock-paper-scissors style swirl of strengths and weaknesses. Fire is good against water, ice against water etc. etc.

As you play the game, you perform the basic attacks by tapping on the screen. Every round, you begin with what I’ve seen from my playtime, at least three moves. These can be sword swipes, offensive magic spells or buffs to negate the damage output from incoming barrages that your foe can put against you.

You’ll also collect during the story what appears to be some sort of orbs. These help you power up your special moves, they also let you use your buffs and heals, so from a micromanaging point of view…you need to watch and balance both offence and defense to get the best scores at the end of a fight.

Special attacks come in the form of collectible cards that you can upgrade with a fusion mechanic. There are loads to collect, and a gacha machine to spin as well. Then there’s a job system that lets you tailor your play style.

There’s a story here, but it really just waffles on. Some people might find it interesting, but it’s told in little snatches and quite frankly it’s almost impossible to keep track of what’s going on. Which is fine, because it doesn’t really matter.





One of the things I love to see in the game is the beauty of it, as it looks fantastic with the map, the character designs, weapons, monsters…and yes…even the cute Moogles make an adorable appearance.








SCORE 5 out of 10

There’s a lot going on in Mobius Final Fantasy so it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed when you start off with the game. Thankfully though, the opening stages are far from taxing, giving you plenty of time to experiment and adapt to everything it throws at you.

So noMobius Final Fantasy isn’t a gigantic Final Fantasy game that we all know and love to play. However, what it does is fit a Final Fantasy game and idea around a mobile platform where the mechanics work to your benefit as you transit from place to place. Which in my honest opinion it works pretty well with what is being given.

This isn’t some mindless flashy fighter that you have no input on – there are tactics, things to think about, and different avenues of progression.

You can try it out and give it a go. Who knows…you might find yourself pleasantly surprised by the presentation.

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  2. I need to login before the end of February. You get a Sephiroth card or something of the like 😍

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