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Cozy Talk – Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination part 1

So, something strange happened as of late. For some reason on the 19th of March a notification popped up on my phone about another blogger from The Gaming Diaries, a person I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know through different discussions on twitter and comments on various posts on both our websites, which is exactly why I was quite surprised to see the notification.
Then, after reading the post that had linked to one of my Final Fantasy articles, it showed to nominate a bunch of different bloggers for something called the Sunshine Blogger Award.

What is the Sunshine Blogger Awards? Well, it’s a peer recognition for bloggers that for others inspires positivity, joy, warmth…really any good feeling when you think about the sun. To this there are some rules which needs to be followed but this is a bigger post than so, and I will do my best to follow them…but I will still do my own thing for this.

The rules are as follows:

  • Thank blogger(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate new blogs to receive the award and write them new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

I have been asked these questions and I must say that just choosing what to answer as best as possible, is harder than I imagined.

  1. Where would you go on holiday if you had the chance (and money etc)?

Well, if money is no problem and the chance it at the takin’ then of course I would love to travel the world. However, I do wish to travel to Japan and China. Not only are these beautiful countries but the culture as well as history that lies within the soul of the people and land is just too irresistible, not to say that the food you can eat there has an alluring taste (thanks drama series and anime!).

Yet, I do still want to travel the rest of my country as I have never seen everything it has to offer. Could be very exciting to see what lies in store around the next hill.

  1. If you could work at one game company, what company would it be?

That is one interesting question as there are a lot of great game companies making some very good games over the years. So, to find one out of them all will be a hard task…yet, I keep thinking back to Square Enix as they more or less have been the company introducing me to the wonders of storytelling in video games. Working there to see the magic behind the curtain could help get a better understanding of how the video games they make from a simple idea to the execution of a finished product. Getting to know the people at the studios under Square Enix’s wings, there could even be a possibility of making one myself for others to try out.

  1. If you could own one video game vehicle for your own use what would it be?

It came originally from a movie but was also implemented in the games made for both the first and sequel. I am of course talking about the Light Cycle from TRON. For one thing I love motorcycles, even have a love for pickup trucks that can’t be explained but motorcycles have this feeling of freedom over them. Even though we live in the real world and the light barriers they can make won’t be possible, one can hope that it will be possible in the nearest future. Still, it’s just the way they look and can have of a sound when you think of the type of engines that can be put into the machine. Oh, I can already see the endless road on the country side, the wind rushing at my face as the sound keeps me at peace while people drop their jaw seeing the actual Light Cycle that they grew up loving from their favorite movie.


Now, there are many more to choose from, like the car from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Batmobile (any variations possible), the Runner from Borderlands, the Ford Falcon from Mad Max, Ghostrider’s motorcycle (I will even go beyond video games too). So many good choices and I could go into every little detail as to why each on is a good choice.

  1. If you could have one superpower/video game ability what would it be?

This one is easy, there have always been two kind of superhero powers that I have thought could be an interesting idea to run with. So, if one of those should be chosen, well then it would be the power of life. What I’m talking about here is ability to give life at the expense of your own but also be able to take life in order to sustain your own. This power could also be extended to help others, a power that very well works at an aspect we not get to see much in video games (unless we’re talking MMO or MOBA with the support class), comic books or movies.


Imagine a character who have the power over life and death but knowing the cost of it will have to take an equal amount to balance out what was given. A person who wants to help other people, there is a lot of possibility to work with such a character on a psychological and philosophical level on storytelling.


  1. If you could eat three foods for the rest of your life what would they be?

Easy, buns in curry or meatballs in curry would probably be the correct translation of this dish since it’s meatballs in a curry sauce mixed with rice. Loved it since I was a child and still do today. Number two will be sushi, I just love sushi and the many different types of sushi that can be eaten…as long as one doesn’t think about the prices.
Thirdly and last it would be a cake that honestly is a bit difficult to find a correct translation for but directly, its name should be Grandfather’s Beard. It’s fluffy, not too sweet and can surprisingly fill a stomach enough to replace a midnight snack. If you ever get to find a recipe for either of these, then I highly recommend for you to try it out.


  1. What game do you think has the best cut scenes?

HA! That’s like asking who’s your favorite child is or what soundtrack no matter movie, show or video game is your favorite to listen to as the day pass on by. No, no this won’t work at all since cut scenes are used to enhance the story being told by the game to the player. It’s shown in the beginning to let us know what we are in store for, in can come throughout the game to help show certain parts of the story that we otherwise cannot do ourselves. Sometimes it will be at the end when the story is wrapping up to fully give us the last emotional send off for a character that can let us talk about it for months afterward.


That is why just choosing one game is simply impossible in this case. There are too many good games out there with fantastic made cutscenes. So, this one cannot be answered but could be made into a future article talking about this in more depth.


  1. If you could forget one game and play it again for the first time, what game would you pick and why?

The many games that have been released over the years I’ve been alive have all done so much for the video game industry. The ones that have been played by myself all have a special place in my heart for the experiences they’ve given. That is why just to choose one would be detrimental to others, yet one must be chosen and from there it should be Spyro. Thinking of the wonderful worlds, the magic of exploring them while taking down the bad guy in very cartoon way wants to stop you in the tracks. Which is also why when the day comes for the remaster of the original three gets released like Crash Bandicoot N’ Sane Trilogy did, you can be certain I will be the first one in line to snatch it like those thieves who took the sheep we had to run after all the time. Though I will be paying money to the company like paying gems to Mr. Moneybag in order to cross the bridge.


  1. If you could have a dinner party with 5 video game characters who would you invite?

American McGee’s Alice, Mass Effect Shepard, GlaDOs, John Marston and Geralt of Rivia.

Why these specifically? Take a look on our first character and now imagine the scene from the book (or movie) of the tea party, all of them together talking life through. Or maybe they all meet up for some card game (potentially Gwent) just to have one night of a good game between potential friends while talking about their adventures and life again, getting to know each other.


  1. If you could play as one video game character within another video game world, who would you choose to play as and in what game world? For example, playing as Ezio (AC2) in Rayman Legends.

Once again just for fun sake, I would go with American McGee’s Alice if you remember how her games went of the most psychological horrific versions of the Wonderland world, but this time she ends up in the Disney worlds of Kingdom Hearts. Imagine such a damaged character that once knew and loved this type of thing but recently had to fight them in their most dangerous appearance. This time imagine the wonders of Neverland, The Little Mermaid, Winnie the Pooh and all the rest of the crew, just thinking about Alice stumbling upon these worlds, their characters and potentially Sora as well…oh ramifications of such different personalities.


  1. Dogs or cats?

Dogs, always loved them will always love them until I draw my last breath. I have one that lives with my family, he is the whole family’s dog, but the best thing is he loves me more than the others. Which is why every time I get to see him, almost five minutes is spend on him saying as much hello as possible. Sometimes on Twitter I put up a picture of him doing something cute. If I could adopt and save every dog possible I would, since there are too many suffering and in need of a good home.


  1. What is your favorite film/TV program and who is your favorite character within it?

I have two films that are my all-time favorite actually, both having an immense meaning to me from childhood and up to who I am today. First one will be Disney’s Junglebook, the reason for this is not because of the movie itself but that it was the movie I always watched with my grandfather until his passing many years ago. I continue to watch to this day as it means a lot to me, keeping the memory of him and me sitting together watching the movie, singing the songs and just having a good time.


The other is one my father introduced me to as his favorite movie of all-time, also when I was a kid. It’s a Norwegian stop-motion picture called The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix, it’s a story about a bicycle smith who with the help of his friends makes a car to battle the big bad guy who was his old apprentice in a big grand prix on the same level as Formula 1. It was made in 1975 and to me still holds up with its many themes over 40 years later, it is probably one of the only movies I am close to call a “masterpiece” and that is not something I do.
If you ever get the chance, do take the time to watch Pinchcliffe, it’s a fantastic family movie with good humor and a story that is memorable. Granted I have never watched this one in English, only Danish and even then, just for the original language (Norwegian) it’s worth the watch…sometimes I might sit down and write an article that goes into depth of why this movie is such a classic.


Thank you very much to The Gaming Diaries for nominating me even though I can’t get a grasp as to why it is I’m worthy for this award. One can only hope that I can live up the expectations here on out and make something others will get a smile from reading.


There are also some other people I need to nominate but bear with me if you see someone you already know. However, I believe these people are worth giving such an award to.


Strange Girl Gaming – The reason for this is simply you write good content like this and this that really kicks the brain into gear, wanting to come with an equally good answer to what has been written…and all around a good person to talk with.

The Well Red Mage – You are the one I’ve known the longest in the blogging community, and I’m always happy to sit down, talking about life, video games and just getting to know you better. Many times, have you helped me and for that you deserve this award…oh yeah there’s also this and this article that was a joy to read.

A Geeky Gal – What can I say than when you write stories like this and this. It’s hard not to smile when reading your content.

Casey Jades – We’ve talked, we’ve laughed but nothing says more about the good feeling you bring when reading some of your content like this and this. You deserve it.

Takuto’s Anime Café – A fellow reviewer whose content I very much enjoy reading, I might not always agree with his reviews like this and do nothing else but nodding in agreement with this, but I like the personality behind the written word.

Mr. Panda’s Video Game Reviews – I really enjoy the reviews he makes and not at all jealous he gets to travel to different studios. Still, I can’t help but smile when reading reviews such as this and this, which I look forward to a hopeful collaboration in the future.

LightningEllen – What more can I say than a great person with the same love for Dragon Age and Final Fantasy like me. Plus with an avatar of Lightning, we all better watch out. Though I do enjoy reading her content like this and this whenever I sit down to relax.

The Mental Attic – Kevin or The Lawful Geek is person I admire for the way he writes reviews like this and just go into silliness with something like this. He’s someone that when time allows, are simply great to talk with and get to see the industry from a different perspective.

A Most Agreeable Pastime – I can’t get enough of reading their content, it’s highly addictive and being the sophisticated people, they are. Of course, a review like this or about good old arcade games like this are what goes well with a cup of coffee in the morning.

The Dragon’s Tea Party – A unique blogger that makes interesting content like this and this, plus everytime I read their posts, it feels like you’re sitting down for a tranquil tea session…though I sipped the green tea instead.

A Reluctant Hero – Truly a blog of randomness, but it’s randomness that parts the rainy skies and lets the sun shine through. Especially if you read posts like this and this, a person I find interesting and a good conversationalist from time to time. You deserve this a lot in my opinion.


Those are the nominees, I hope you too get to enjoy reading their content as I have for the time I’ve gotten to know them. They all deserve this award more than me and that is why I nominate them for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

Thanks to A Gaming Diaries once again for nominating me, though I still rummage through my content to see where the sun shines from. Hope for more great posts from you in the future and now it is time for something else.


This time I need to ask the same amount of questions…hmm, let’s see here:

  1. If you had the chance to write one article that could change a person’s life. What would you write about given your previous content?
  2. One day you see a portal to another world. Where does it take you?
  3. What type of music is your home? The type that you can always fall back on to fully relax and is the one that interests you the most.
  4. You are making a game, what genre are going with and why?
  5. Breathing in space or breathing under water. Which one do you choose?
  6. Favorite mascot?
  7. What is your morning routine before going to work/school/etc.?
  8. Tell me a story of when you encountered your first video game.
  9. What is your element?
  10. Why is this your element?
  11. Running or walking to your destination?


So, here we are at the end of the post, it has been longer than I anticipated but I more than enjoyed answering the questions asked. Now it is up to me to continue at a pace that makes it possible to live up to the award.

Stay Cozy and have a nice day!



…….BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! (to be continued in the next article)

20 comments on “Cozy Talk – Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination part 1

  1. Congrats on your nomination you definitely deserved it! Thanks a lot for my nomination, Glad you like my stuff, awesome questions looking forward to answering those 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for reading this and as said, you deserve this nomination for the award more than I do.
      I will be looking forward to see what your answers will be for the questions 🙂

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  2. Wow! Thank you so much for the nomination! You wrote so many kind words about your nominees, and I loved your answers. I’m going to get my answers to your questions up as soon as I can. 😊 Again, thank you!

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  3. Hey thank you very much for the award and also for the extremely kind words! I’m happy to know ya!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You deserve it more than me mate. Interestingly enough I was surprised it’s almost two years on WordPress that we’ve known each other, oh how the time flies.
      Nevertheless, I look forward to see what you bring up as answers to the questions 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you for the nomination and congratulations on yours! This was a fun read, I’d love to see that dinner party!

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  5. Thanks for answering my questions! Your answers are really interesting. I am also looking forward to the Spyro remaster as I love those games and I can’t wait to replay them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for nominating me to be able to answer these questions mate. When Spyro releases, then I will say goodbye to the society and live in my childhood once again 🙂


      • I know. I’m so excited. Also very excited about Crash Bandicoot trilogy in July (I don’t have a PS4 so have been hoping and waiting for a wider release). I will have a good second half of this year with reliving these games. I’ll maybe go quiet when they release.

        Liked by 1 person

      • You might not be the only one there mate. At the moment it is Yakuza Zero doing that for me.

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  6. Having Moneybags looting from me all the time WAS a pain in the rear, but oh, how we both seem to have so many memories for one of the bests in gaming. Excellent pick. I’m sure you’re just as excited for the remake as I am!

    Yeah, I admittedly look on the brighter side of things, so my optimism sometimes affects my “ratings.” But I’m glad you enjoy nonetheless, and hey, thanks for the nomination! Not sure when I’ll get around to it (as I’m very busy this time of year), but I’ll bookmark it for when I have time!

    Liked by 1 person

    • He so was, I can’t count the times I wanted to stuff him inside the bag or just take it from him, so he would have to pay the toll (MUHAHAHA). So, I am looking forward to the remake releases on PS4 in order to go back to my childhood…this time in HD! 🙂

      Well, the way I see it is it’s impossible to be objective when reviewing things. That way nothing would really evolve, but just because something is bad, doesn’t mean it cannot be enjoyed and vise versa for the good anime out there.

      I will look forward to when you get around to it but take your time mate, won’t mean anything if you do it stressed out. Plus, you deserve the nomination from the way I see it.

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  8. Congratulations on the Sunshine Blogger Award!! You truly deserve it, and I have always felt so much warmth talking to you man! I’m so incredibly honored that you nominated me!! Thank you!!! I’m so behind on these and I hope to thank you again in a future post that has been taking me forever to make (I’m already over a month late oops). But I appreciate it a lot and hope you don’t mind if I answer these super fun questions ahead of time (just in case it takes me forever to get back to them!)
    1. Such a thought-provoking question to start on! Probably an article about inspiring people to follow their dreams.
    2. The Pokemon World
    3. J-pop and game music 😉
    4. RPGs, because I almost tried to make an RPG in RPG Maker (made an awesome starting town but never got past that hahaha)
    5. Breathing underwater – I don’t see myself going to space anyway and I’d love to see everything under the sea
    6. Pikachu
    7. Hear alarm, snooze, hear alarm again, snooze, hear alarm again, finally wake up, wash up quickly 😛
    8. I was probably 2 or 3, so it’s hard to remember, but I sure ended up liking this Mario guy and his first platformer
    9. Water
    10. Calm, but powerful when needs to be
    11. Speedwalking. Always. 🙂
    Thank you again man! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the kind words mate and don’t worry about the time, rather you get your stuff done without getting stressed out is better, than if you have to quickly complete everything at once.

      Interesting answers to the questions, I look forward to see what you write in that post in the future. You deserve the nomination 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  9. LightningEllen

    Thank you for the award and congrats! I’m really slow and responding, but I promise I will do a response post soon 😀 And I don’t attack nice WordPress people, only internet trolls, so no worries, haha

    Liked by 1 person

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