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Venom Review – Good Corny Junk Food Entertainment

Venom is a fascinating movie, when looking on Metacritic it seems to be a movie that is panned by every critic imaginable. Where as the casual movie watcher is more or less tipping towards the more positive side. So what does that say about Ruben Fleischer’s Venom?
In all honesty, that it’s a movie which achieves its mission from the get go.

The story starts out with a space shuttle crash-landing on Earth where it is revealed to have brought new life back, alien life in fact. Cut to our main character Eddie Brock who is living the time of his life in San Fransisco as a reporter with his own show, great apartment and fiance. Eddie has with his show “The Eddie Brock Report” a job to interview Drak, the founder and CEO of Life Foundation, here he goes out of his way to ask direct questions of allegations towards the company before getting kicked out. After that everything falls apart, but not without an opportunity some time later that turns Eddie’s life in a direction he never imagined.
From here on it is up to him to stop a sinister plan in the works and hopefully save his city.

I don’t want to spoil too much of the story (though even to some the first word spoken about the movie can be seen a spoiler), but trust me when I tell you that it’s nothing new under the sun but a very familiar setting in which you can relax and not think too much about things.

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One thing the movie has going for itself that is absolutely amazing, is Tom Hardy himself as he carries the movie to a next level of entertainment with his interpretation of Eddie Brock that is a bit different from the comics and last time we saw him in Spider-Man 3. The way he portrays Eddie as a bumbling person with a very big heart that only wants the best for others, makes it all the more better when you finally get to see Venom and hear the way Tom Hardy plays him.
In a funny way, it makes me think of the old buddy cop movies from the 80s and 90s with the way they interact with each other. Learn to live and in the end accept each other for who they are.

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That is why it’s sad to see the movie doesn’t really hold that up with its CGI, if it was intentional then kudos to Fleischer for doing so, but it was really weird to see that it kept going from bad to good CGI when we were seeing Venom on screen by himself or against the various opponents in his path. Granted it’s not bad to the point of you wanting to run out of the cinema screaming you want your money back, but it’s not something where you want to say it look absolutely fantastic…weirdly enough it’s like something in the middle again.

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No really the one thing I did not like in the movie was the soundtrack, it has been a while since I last saw a movie where the soundtrack didn’t let the pacing breath for a moment before changing what the mood should be like for us the viewer. From one second you have a sad melody going in the background for the main character but suddenly switch without batting an eye to a more determent sound as the story must continue onwards.
This wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t very clear when the music kept cutting itself short to something new… Hell, even the obligatory sad part was no more than 10-20 seconds before changing to a more fast paced tune.

Which leads me to the music being played at the end credits, which surprisingly was a song by Eminem called ‘Venom’. The thing about the song is it didn’t really fit with the movie and the song itself wasn’t the best.


It must be pointed out that there is an end credit scene (though not sure if there was two), that hinted to a potential sequel with a well known as well as beloved antagonist to Venom and Spider-Man. I will not spoil it and can only say you will have to see it for yourself but the actor playing the character is a good choice on Fleicher’s part.



After a lot of thought when the trailers where shown, it did seem like the movie itself was supposed to be more of a darker tone than what I got to see in the movies.

Venom is in all honesty something I like to call Junk Food Entertainment, you enjoy it from time to time but know that there are much better put together films to be had.

This movie, even though it does feel like it has gone under some changes from R-rating to PG, there is just something about this movie that kept screaming Sam Raimi style in my face. However, this makes the movie more a breath of fresh air in the almost stale way of other Comic Book Movies (looking at you Marvel) has been of late.
That is why I’m willing to give the score a well deserved:

6 out of 10 Gang of Three Text

Venom is an above average movie but from start to finish I absolutely enjoyed myself. Sure it might not bring anything new to the table but it does feel like an omage to Sam Raimi’s Spiderman Trilogy with its corny humor and way of telling its story.
This one I recommend to go watch in the cinema for a couple of hours of fun and certainly something you can go back to watch from time to time.


What did you think of the movie? Let me know down in the comments and if you like more of these reviews, be sure to follow the website as I post reviews of various kinds.

Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

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