Question of the Month March 2019 edition – The Antagonist

What makes a villain? For one, the villain must be a force that the hero has to overcome before getting the prize in the end. Another factor is a villain must be something that we can maybe sympathize with or be in complete fear over as they carry out their plan… whatever it may be.

For this month’s QOTM which is every month hosted by the lovely Kim over at LaterLevels and involves everybody in the community’s participation. A question will be set up by one for others to answer in various ways which can be all from writing a blog post to painting a picture.
This time around though it will take everybody working together creating what might in the end be The Ultimate Video Game.

Luke from Hundstrasse has been so kind to give the setting and theme of which the story shall take place. Where as Brandon from That Green Dude came up with the protagonist of set setting.


I am this time trying to dip my toe into creating a villain who not only would fit the theme, but also be a worthy adversary towards the protagonist. So, with nothing else to say… do enjoy this small story.

“The star charts over the Keeler Gap was prominently displayed on the holoscreen since that cephalopod lazily in its movements had touched a few buttons and for therefore implanting a course which if initiated would knock Delta-Chi-743 out of the balance I so perfectly had calculated to make sure the ship and crew could maintain prober stability so the continuation harvesting of gas is possible“.

//Angular position for field of vision is obscured by aquatic class known as anthozoa. Unable to see processing tanks.//

“Since now the systems have accepted the coordination, I have taken the liberty of changing the course which should only use about 0.00034% fuel to have thruster from R22 to R45 make the ship turn approximately 0.2 degrees starboard. This in turn shouldn’t make any of the processing tanks shift in place and therefore cause more destruction as last time.”

//Shields are still stable at 43%. No damage taken from meteorite debris.//


Within the deep parts of Delta-Chi-743, the processor is working with no time to rest or slow down. Such has it been for the past many years the ship has traveled the Milky Way after being launched from home. Many men and women kept a close eye on the project at hand, always sending messages to HQ with what the founding was within the gas being harvested around Saturn.
However, something went terribly wrong as the molecules suddenly began bonding with the fusion reactors.

“A moment was all it took for Dr. Samahdi to fail at the simplest thing to make sure the gas was contained probably within the simulations I had shown after the ten science groups kept suggesting new methods through various calculations”.

//Message log DRS10925 now send back to headquarters. 20 hours, 24 minutes and 10 seconds until the next.//

“It was as you say strange that even though I told them the correct response to the situation so it may be contained with only a loss of data surmounting to about 68%, the teams wouldn’t stay calm. The captain and the others on deck, the mechanics all began to what you say hyperventilate causing loss of oxygen to drop at a significant rate.
I even remember how Dr. Samahdi would look towards me and in a highly elevated voice ask why as I then determined the correct cause of action to take for the crew as well as their passengers involving elders as well as infants.”

//Unknown ship arriving at high velocity outside of Delta-Chi-743. Register code shows it belonging to headquarters.//

//Opening port side. Permission to land granted by regulation.//

In the dark a fish swims through a spheric object lying on top of a shelf before dashing out again as a red light eminates from within one of the circular holes. Looking towards the docking bay as the small ship has landed and a silhouette is shown coming out.



“Ah, it seems a guest has arrived, let it be welcomed on board the ship.”




Well that is it from me. I know this is something coming out just in the nick of time since other things have kept me occupied to say the least.
Nevertheless, I do hope you enjoyed this entry into this month’s QOTM. Let me know down in the comments below what you thought of it!


Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

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