Cozy Talk

Cozy Talk – What’s been happening?

Cozy Talk - What's been happening

Hi there,

Must admit it has been quite a while since I last wrote a Cozy Talk for this website, and not a day has passed where I haven’t been torn up inside for not being a consistent person in terms of creating content you would enjoy reading.

So what has happened? Well, I have for a few months now been at an internship and it has kept me quite busy. Granted there are days where not much have been going on but I would instead just go to a drawing thing that happens in the afternoon.

Drawing has helped me a lot, not only to get better at the craft (even if I’m still not near the level I want to be at yet) and just have something relaxing to do so my mind won’t begin to overwork itself with a clutter of thoughts that makes it impossible to think straight.

Some days, which became quite often. I simply fell asleep right away after eating dinner or even just sitting on the sofa to relax with some coffee and an episode of a series. Only to find myself waking up so late in the night that the alarm clock would ring within an hour or two and then it’s off again to work.

In a way it became like a weird routine of getting up, go to work, work, go home, maybe eat, sleep, repeat the cycle.

I can honestly say I’m glad I kept myself occupied with either drawing or playing dungeons and dragons on a Discord server in which I could just let the bad vibes slowly disappear in a healing process much needed.

Other than that I also tried to keep a bit up to date with what has been happening in the WordPress community that I love. Suffice to say I have a gigantic pile of posts needed to be read the size of Mt. Everest, but that didn’t stop me from at least participating in two community collaborations with Normal Happenings and Red from TWRM.

One you might have heard about is the Characters That Define Us, a project made possible by Normal Happenings and the many people that have chosen to contribute their stories to tell, you can find it by heading over to Normal Happenings’ website.

The other is something Red put together regarding the death of Cristopher Tolkien, where a few of us talked about games in the Tolkien universe that we enjoyed, something you can find at The Well-Red Mage website and much more.

However, I also wanted to talk about what I hope to accomplish. Usually, I don’t talk about my private life much since it doesn’t have much to do with the work that I do on the website and elsewhere.

We have almost reached a quarter into the new year of 2020, so what I want to do with the website is to continue to write on it with news, reviews and my thoughts on things. Though it might be dialed down as I am trying to focus on acquiring enough of an income to support the hosting of using Business WordPress. 

Not only that, I am putting together a group for DnD that I will be DMing once a week while also looking towards finally beginning to write my first couple of short stories. This means that I won’t be posting at a frequent rate yet, a schedule that must be rigorously followed is needed and I might look to my friends for help on this. Video Game reviews will be cut down as I haven’t been able to play a lot as of late, but have been able to watch more movies instead.
When things have been settled correctly, then I would be able to have a more consistent schedule to produce from. Because honestly I always wrote my pieces on the very day they were to be put up or just a few hours into the night. (I might be a glutton for putting myself into stressful situations in order to feel like it’s worth doing?.)

Been thinking about making a Patreon and Ko-Fi page in which people can support me but I would only let it be a simple dollar since what I create of written pieces should be free for all and not hidden behind a paywall to access. Even if most often it is very lucrative to do so, I just feel people shouldn’t pay if they don’t want to but can support with a small amount if they so choose to do so.

As well I have been thinking a lot… like for years now about making my own game. Though that would require me to not only get better at drawing digitally, I might have to look towards doing some programming which I already have a hard time doing (it’s like ancient Greek language to me for some strange reason).

Nevertheless, I sincerely apologize for not having been active for a long time. The things I have talked about are not promises but just me telling you that I am trying to change my ways. And hopefully one day it will pay off.

Thank you all.

Stay Cozy and have a nice day,

Gamer, blogger, Youtuber and lover of all film. A guy who loves to analyze stuff and from that, give his opinion about everything in form of news, reviews, simple commentary and occasionally chucking down his coffee while doing it.

1 comment on “Cozy Talk – What’s been happening?

  1. The Pateron thing is something I’m considering myself, but I want to complete certain content first, and definitely nothing I blog about would be behind a paywall. Good luck with it, and definitely keep us informed, because I’d support 🙂


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