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My Hero One’s Justice 2 – A review

I am a big My Hero Academia fan and thus I have played My Hero One’s Justice (MHOJ). I was excited when news of My Hero One’s Justice 2 (MHOJ 2) came out and I just had to buy the game. At some points MHOJ 2 is better than MHOJ and vice versa. It came out on March the 11th 2020, was developed by Byking and it is a fighting game.

Hero Justice 2
My Hero One’s Justice 2

All the good stuff

One thing we had hoped for with MHOJ was that it would have English dub at some point. That never happened. MHOJ 2, however, got an update where English dub was added. It makes the game a bit better and funnier now that I know what the characters are saying. There are also many more characters than in MHOJ so the chances that your favourite character is there are even bigger. It also makes the game more complex.

Hero Justice 2
All Might and Shigaraki Tomura

Furthermore, there are many modes to choose from. The story mode reminds me a lot of MHOJ and it starts where the story in MHOJ ended. There are also small bonus challenges that makes story mode more challenging if you want to get those bonuses.

Then there is mission mode – but I will talk about that later. Online mode works a lot like in the first game where you can fight against friends or random people. There is also an event info in online mode. Here you can read about the events and what bonuses you can get and what to do. There is both unranked and ranked matches in online mode as well where you fight against random people. Unranked is pretty easy-going and relaxed whereas ranked is more serious. I like that you can choose between so many online modes.

Then there are training and free battle modes. In training mode you can hone your skills as a specific character, and it works as it should. In free battle mode you can fight against the CPU or friends who are visiting you. As a new thing, you can also be on the same team as your friend. One of you will be a sidekick then. I have not tried this mode, so I don’t know how well it works.

The last mode is arcade mode, which has changed a bit from MHOJ, but I like this change. You still choose one character and the sidekicks that you want to use for 6 battles in a row. Then there are three “battle-route” cards to choose from for each character and who you are going to battle depends on what card you choose.

My Hero One's Justice 2
Main Menu in My Hero One’s Justice 2

One thing I really like about MHOJ 2 that is not in MHOJ is the special team introductions of characters. If you choose the right team of three characters, the one you play as and the two sidekicks, you’ll get a little video introduction before the battle starts. It was fun discovering these teams.

Hero Justice 2
One of the team introductions

A funny thing with my MHOJ 2 is that my loading screen – it doesn’t say “loading”. It says “wird geladen”, which is German for loading. I don’t know how to change that or why it started saying that but it makes me laugh when I see it.


All the not so good stuff

There will always be a few bad things where there are a lot of good things and MHOJ 2 is not an exception. The many more characters that has come into the game takes up a lot more time if you want to learn how to use all of them. Also if you want to know how you can defend your main against them all. I see this as a minor bad thing, since I like the variety of characters but it takes time to learn all the moves. That leads me to the next thing, the moves. They have become more complicated and complex and I found the tutorial to be more difficult and tedious to get through at the begnning of MHOJ 2.

Hero Justice 2
The characters in My Hero One’s Justice 2

I wrote that I would talk about mission mode later. Well, this is later. Mission mode is the only mode that I am not a big fan of in MHOJ 2. I liked it more in MHOJ. In MHOJ 2 the mission mode has a lot of information at the start and is confusing when you are reading it. in the mission mode menu there are four taps to choose between. One of them is called “Scouting” and here you can “buy” heros and villains. I just couldn’t figure out how many coins I had – of course it told me when I couldn’t buy anymore. Another thing, it is annoying that you have to start a whole mission over if you just fail one sub-mission. It does make it more challenging, which is the positive thing to say about it.

My Hero One's Justice 2
Mission mode

Now for the smaller annoyances. The special team introductions were fun to discover. I just found it weird that the Big 3 didn’t have a special team introduction when you choose them. It would have made so much sense. Another small annoyance is in MHOJ it was possible on certain maps to fall out of bounds. Here it is not possible. I guess it might make sense for certain characters not to be able to fall out of bounds, but it was part of what made MHOJ more challenging.


One last note is that if you own MHOJ 2 or are planning on buying it you are probably a My Hero Academia fan. If you don’t want spoilers, as with MHOJ, you should be up to date with the anime before playing MHOJ 2. I don’t know how far you have to read the manga before you can play MHOJ 2 without spoilers. One thing I do know is that I find it funny they put the new Shigaraki Tomura in the game since that version of him has only appeared in the manga so far.


My Hero One’s Justice 2 – A very good fighting game

I haven’t played a lot of fighting games but the fighting games I have played I liked. So I would give My Hero One’s Justice 2 a 7 for very good. That is if you like fighting games or is a My Hero Academia fan – or maybe both – then I recommend My Hero One’s Justice 2.

Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

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