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My Top 10 Overwatch Voice Lines

Overwatch Voice Lines

Overwatch is one of my favourite games. I play Overwatch as much as I can, and on days or weeks where I can’t I am still focused on it. Since I can’t play Overwatch this week, I want to give you my “Top 10 Overwatch Voice Lines” and reasons as to why they are my favourites, instead. Just to clarify when I say Overwatch voice lines, it is the ones you can control in the game, and not all the quotes.

So let’s start off at my number 10 Overwatch voice line.

10. Young punks… Get off my lawn!

This is said by Soldier: 76. I find this voice line to be funny, because I just picture an old man on his porch with a beer, yelling at the kids running on his front lawn. I also think about the mom in the movie “Every which way but loose” even though she says “Get off my porch!”.

So I sit in front of my computer and smile every time I hear this voice line in Overwatch. I don’t play Soldier: 76 often myself and thus waits for others to use that voice line. It can easily be purchased or achieved by a loot box since it doesn’t belong in an event.

Overwatch Voice Lines
Soldier: 76

9. In Russia, games play you

Said by Zarya, and again I find this Overwatch voice line entertaining. It reminds me of the memes about Russia or Soviet Russia, like “In Soviet Russia, Pikachu catches you”, or “In Mother Russia, you destroy mines”. And so I find this slightly more fun than the previous voice line.

I don’t play Zarya at all, except in Mystery Hero, so I wait for other players to use this voice line as well. This voice line can also be easily purchased or achieved since it doesn’t belong in an event either.

Overwatch Voice Lines

8. Just taking out the trash

Which is said by Ashe. I really like Ashe and I really like a lot of her voice lines, but for me this is the best. I imagine using it right after you have killed someone in the game as Ashe. Even if I just heard another player use it right after they killed someone with Ashe I would love it. I find it to be a bit classy to say it like that. I could easily imagine it being used in a Western.

I play more Ashe than Zarya and Soldier: 76, but still not often enough so I could use it a lot. I guess, I will just have to wait and see if someone uses it the way I hope they will. This Overwatch voice line is also just as easy to purchase or achieve as the two others.


7. If at first you don’t succeed… Blow it up again!

This is said by my guy, Junkrat! I love Junkrat and I am a Junkrat main. I use that Overwatch voice line so much. I am usually saying it when he says it. And also when he isn’t – like right now while I am writing this. I have a thing for fire and explosives and I have been told I am the female version of Junkrat so naturally this would end up on the list. It is also a clever line by itself since usually you don’t want to “blow it”.

like I said, I am a Junkrat main, and thus I use this voice line the most of all the Overwatch voice lines on this list. It is also easy to purchase or achieve – thank goodness.


6. “Thank you Baptiste!” “Oh! You’re welcome!”

Of course said by Baptiste. I love this voice line because it says so much about being a support. I might be a Junkrat main, but I also play Moira and Mercy a lot. It sucks when you go through a whole game and no one thanks you for the healing. Another thing I like about this Overwatch voice line is the sarcasm Baptiste uses when he says it.

I don’t play Baptiste a lot since I tend to choose either Moira or Mercy when I go support. Still I would use it if I started playing Baptiste more and the other players didn’t thank me if I did a good job. Again, this is also a voice line that is easy to purchase or achieve.


5. Haven’t I killed you somewhere before?

This Overwatch voice line is delivered to us from Reaper. I like Reaper as a character and most of his dark voice lines are amazing (read a-Mei-zing). Still I chose this because it speaks to the darker core of my soul. I have myself said this in other games I have played before I started playing Overwatch, if enemies respawned. It is also the dark version of “Haven’t I met you somewhere before?” and thus it is perfect for Reaper.

I mostly played Reaper when I started playing Overwatch because I refused to play Tracer since everyone did that. I used this voice line quite a lot but nowadays I listen to other players using it. It is easy to purchase or achieve like the rest.


4. I’m not good. Not bad. But I sure as hell ain’t ugly

This voice line is McCree‘s doing. It is a very clever and funny reference to one of my favourite Spaghetti Westerns – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. So McCree is somewhere in the middle between good and bad, but he sure isn’t ugly – and I agree with that. Nothing else to say about this really.

McCree was the first DPS I played as outside the tutorial. Now I only play him in Mystery Hero but I sometimes go into the Hero Gallery just to hear this Overwatch voice line. Once again it is easy to purchase or achieve.

Overwatch Voice Lines

3. Stupidity is not a right

These clever words come from Moira. This is probably one of the voice lines in all of Overwatch I agree with the most. Moira really has a point here. It is the same with “Your ignorance frightens me” – also said by Moira. Of course everyone is allowed an opinion about a topic, but facts are facts and people need to realise that sometimes. The reason that this voice line is at number 3 is not because it is funny, it is because it speaks to me and I agree with it.

Moira is a character I play a lot and I love it. Her personality also really speaks to me and I enjoy every game where I get to be her. And of course I use that voice line when I get the chance. It is easy to purchase or achieve.

Overwatch Voice Lines

2. You seem familiar. Ain’t I killed you before?

It sounds a lot like Reaper’s “Haven’t I killed you somewhere before?” voice line, but this one belongs to McCree. So yes I have two McCree voice lines on my top 10. Just like Ashe’s “Just taking out the trash” voice line, I can see this voice line fit perfectly in a Western. I find this voice line to be funny and I smile (laugh inside my head) just thinking about McCree saying it.

Again, a shame I don’t play more McCree, but I find his gun to be difficult to use for some reason so that is not gonna happen. This voice line, like the rest, is easy to purchase or achieve.

Overwatch Voice Lines
McCree during the short “Reunion”

Now it is time for my absolute favourite voice line in all of Overwatch. I will be surprised if there will ever be a voice line I will love more. So let’s just di(e)ve right into it.

1. It’s in the refrigerator

Reaper, you have done it again. Another a-Mei-zing voice line. I literally laugh out loud every time I hear it, even if it’s not in the game. I can hear it several times in a row and still keep laughing. I just have one question for Reaper, though… “What’s in the refrigerator?!” – Is it a dead body, a head, or maybe a cookie? Personally, I like to think that it is a cookie, or cookies. Mainly because of the Overwatch video on YouTube called “Cookiewatch“.

Like I said earlier I played Reaper when I started playing Overwatch, but maybe I should start playing him again some more. And use that Overwatch voice line every time. This is the only voice line on my list that is not easy to purchase or achieve since it belongs to the “Summer games” event, which is currently running in Overwatch.

Reaper doing his shoulder shrug pose

I hope you enjoyed reading my Top 10 Overwatch Voice Lines list. Do you have a favourite Overwatch voice line, or 3, or 5, or 10 like me? – Then you are welcome to share it in the comments section.

Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

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