I Heard It Too – A horror short film review

I have been doing so well reviewing horror movies for the past few weeks like Repo! The Genetic Opera and the Final Destination movies. Now I am going to review a horror short film called I Heard It Too. It is presented by New Light Pictures and is a Matt Sears Film. I had heard the story before watching the short film but it didn’t make it less creepy.

The mother in the short film

The story of I Heard It Too

It is a short film that is about 8 minutes long. The story is about a mother and her daughter. The daughter is probably around 5 years old. They are home alone and the mother puts the daughter to bed. In the middle of the night the daughter hears her mother’s voice call her name and that she should come to her. The daughter walks out of her room and goes to the stairs. Her actual mother gets her into her bedroom and says “I heard it, too”. After this we hear this entity with the mother’s voice still calling out for the daughter. The mother and daughter stays in the bedroom and then the really creepy things start to happen.

Even though I had heard the story before it was a completely different experience watching it unfold on the screen. It is a creepy story for sure and it had my undivided attention the entire time. We don’t know what this entity is. Is it a demon or dobbeltgänger or something else? We don’t know, and that makes it even more creepy.


The acting

The acting is good. Both the mom and the daughter do good jobs. I was in particular surprised by the little girl, Nina Beagley, playing the daughter. She does a very convincing job and that is impressive. The mother, played by Rowena Meddeman, is also very good at looking both concerned for her child but also terrified of the entity. The entity is played by Sophie Jugé and she is good at being mysterious and creepy. One thing though, I had a hard time hearing what the mother and daughter said at the start of the movie.

I Heard It Too
The mother and daughter in the short film

The camera, sound and lighting

The camera seemed to be handheld since it was a bit shaky at times. I got used to it after the first minute and then I didn’t notice that it was a bit shaky. The sounds made the experience of watching I Heard It Too a lot better than just hearing the story. The sounds made it creepy and I was almost at the edge of my seat at one point. The lighting was very nicely done. There is one point during I Heard It Too where I felt like there was too much light in half of the mother’s bedroom but other than that I was impressed.


Other things in I Heard It Too

One other thing I’ve got to mention is at the end we see this entity. And it is super creepy and so well done. That face at the end could haunt your nightmares. I Heard It Too also shows that not a lot of fancy stuff is needed to make an interesting and scary horror short film.


I Heard It Too is…

Very good. I am impressed with how creepy a film of only 8 minutes can be. Even though I knew the story I was still on the edge of my seat and the short film had my undevided attention all the way through. The acting was also good, in particular Nina Beagley did a good job. A shame it was a little bit difficult hearing what the mother and daughter said at the start of the short.

So if you want to get a little scared right before bedtime, watch I Heard It Too.

Stay Cozy and have a nice day!

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