Blizzard Entertainment announces an end to the support on older Windows systems!

On February the 18th, Community manager Ornyx on the World of Warcraft forums came out with a small post/update that Blizzard Entertainment will be ending the support for Windows XP and Vista later this year. The post goes as follows;... Continue Reading →

Star Wars VIII Has Gotten A Title!

Star Wars Episode VIII has gotten a new title and we quickly take a look on the news.


In other big news that has just hit the media of the game industry recently is that Scalebound, a game developed by Platinum Games, has been according to Microsoft been cancelled. For this, a representative from Microsoft gave this statement... Continue Reading →

Mass Effect Andromeda is coming sooner than you think!

YES you heard right people of all ages...Mass Effect: Andromeda is being released Tuesday, March 21, 2017 in North America and Thursday, March 23, 2017 in Europe. In a news update on Mass Effect's website, General Manager of Bioware, Aaryn... Continue Reading →

GAME NEWS – Sad news for Pixelmage Games!

It's with a sad heart that not so long ago, Everquest (anybody still know this MMO?) co-creator John Smedley's fairly new studio, Pixelmage Games, has been closed, taking the procedurally generated multiplayer RPG Hero's Song down with it. In an... Continue Reading →

TECH NEWS – Oculus purchases Danish eye-tracking tech specialist!

Early yesterday on January the 3rd, the virtual reality titan Oculus went out and purchased something called The Eye Tribe, a Danish eye-tracking technology that after the company's own words "Wants to rethink how we interact with digital worlds and consumer... Continue Reading →

It’s Christmas and so we shall become cozy with an update!

Hell yeah! It's Christmas, people are readying themselves to be fatten up with delicious food, all around we open presents and celebrate a tradition withheld for hundreds of years. Where am I going with this? Well I can safely say... Continue Reading →

Free Updates are coming to Final Fantasy XV?!

A few days ago Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy XV posted on Square Enix's blog that through the upcoming year, more things will come to FFXV and in spite of all that, it will be free to get and... Continue Reading →

One month later…

So...after a month of doing nothing more than applying for jobs everyday, kinda made it so I had no energy to write or produce anything at all. Though I still read news and saw footage from the game industry. However,... Continue Reading →

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