The Review Manual

The Review Manual

Here on we review the games/films on a 10-point grading scale, where the baseline being 5 out of 10 as average. Nothing new that hasn’t been done before by other sites and mediums but this is and will be based out of how we personal feel about the game/film in the end.

BEWARE! The score will not change after having been graded. Even if we choose to go back and find it to be a different experience.

10/10 – This is the highest possible score to get. It’s extremely rare that takes everything the game/film has to offer which flawlessly execute them and even goes beyond it. Making it Exceptional.

9/10 – This score is given to the game/film which through its design are absolutely Amazing. Here only one or a few problems holds it back from getting the highest score possible.

8/10 – Simply a great game/film which was enjoyed from start ’til finish. Something that will be remembered afterwards but still has some cons that can be outweight by its pros.

7/10 – This score is given to a product in which the many things it does right makes it not only enjoyable but something to be build upon, even if there are some areas that aren’t great.

6/10 – As the grade states itself, the game/film is above average. It has enough to be a little more than an average product due to its design aspects. Something worth to be playing.

5/10 – Being average is not bad. It isn’t horrific and not something to be tried. There is enjoyment in these still and you will have a good time with it. However, it doesn’t do anything to elevate itself from the rest.

4/10 – Exactly as it say, it’s below average and lacks in too many areas where the cons stand out too much.

3/10 – Here the game/film made us more irritated and disappointed than finding enjoyment. There might a few good things here but they are miniscule by the bad.

2/10 – This score is given to those where nothing redeemable can be found, we walked away disappointed by the execution of the game/film. However, there is a little good here that stops it from being the worst.

1/10 – Don’t, just don’t. You shouldn’t try it or even look at it. We took the force of the hit from this product so you shouldn’t suffer the damage. This score is given to the absolute worst where nothing can be fixed.